Iceland Landscape

Iceland landscapes, rain and taxidermy


Iceland. Land of, RAIN. Such a stunningly beautiful country which is even better when you can see past your nose. November is probably not the usual time for this location but you do get to avoid slipping on your arse on the ice. It’s quite a sparse country where most of the population live in the capital Reykjavik. There is an amazing coastal road which will be the goal of our next visit, probably in a camper but this trip was all about landscapes, rain and taxidermy.

The shoot:

We were expecting just a little snow and such but no, it rained. A LOT. So it was mute and grey, which gave a sinister but consistent light to shoot in. It’s a good idea to wrap your gear in a plastic bag and hold in place with some elastic bands to keep it dry.

Iceland landscapes the Shop

There are one or two of my favourite landscapes in the Digital Gallery Shop so that you can buy in glorious ultra high definition supersize there.

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