Giraffe Cheeky

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo photo shoot on a damp day in June


Whipsnade Zoo is the sister of London Zoo. Located in Bedfordshire it’s a great day out for the family and for taking photos. The weather was pretty dull with some rain but I managed to get a good selection of shots. It’s big, so you’ll need a whole day to get around and it’s tough on the feet.

The shoot:

After heading to see the giraffe presentation we got lucky and stumbled across feeding time. Huffing great giraffe heads right over the fences, so I managed to get some superb close-ups. There is a new lion enclosure at Whipsnade with a glass wall so you can get close enough to touch without losing an arm but watch out for the flash and the surface scratches.

Whipsnade Zoo in our Shop

I chose a couple of the giraffe shots to add to the Digital Gallery Shop so that you can buy in glorious ultra high definition supersize there.

If you want to visit, here’s a link: 

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